Aloha visit continued…

Day 3

I had to go back to work, but I was lucky enough to be able to attend the AHA Go Red for Women event at a resort in Wailea. I met some great people, but specifically Suzie Cooney, a trainer on Maui. She invited me to a stand up paddling clinic the next day, which would be her last free clinic. I got to go home early after the event, so Nick and I headed to Kahului to rent a board from Naish, one of Suzie’s sponsors. That night, Nick, Keely and I went to Sansei for sushi, and it was yummy!

Day 4

I almost missed the clinic. I popped up at 6:30am, when I should have been there. I jumped into a bikini, brushed my teeth, and headed down. I was there by 6:45. The weather couldn’t have been better. No wind and the water was like glass for the whole clinic (nearly 3 hours). The whole event was filmed, so eventually I can share that with you. Until then, Suzie went through about 700 photos to create the slide shows on her SUP blog. It was a great 2.5 hours of bonding with amazing women, working on something new in the ideal setting (hence more success), and being mesmerized by the simplicity of it all. I could see the patterns of coral beneath me, and I almost fell over a couple of times I was so entranced. Some called me “natural”, but I think there were a couple others that had snowboarding and even surfing experience that whooped my butt. Overall, a great time, and I can’t wait to get out there again.

Here’s the whole group:

After I got back, Nick and I went hiking in the Iao Valley. We were ready for however long we could handle, which was good because we hiked 3.5 hours. We set out not quite sure where to jump the trail, and then we ran across a tall, thin, shirtless guy with long, blonde hair. He sauntered out of the woods barefoot in jeans, t-shirt in hand, and asked us if we were looking for “the hike”. He told us where to go, and to keep to the left when the trail forked, and that the yellow fruit was good to eat. What timing! It made it feel so prophetic…or something.

Anyhoo, we found it with no problems, and of course Nick made sure to go to the right at every fork, just to see what was there. And those yellow fruit were passion fruit. There were so many rotten ones littering the trail, that many spots were squishy from all the fruit, and the flies swarmed as you walked through. I will forever know the smell of passion fruit. We didn’t find one that was ripe but not rotten. The hike eventually peaked at a lookout over the valley.  I could see the wheels spinning as Nick gazed over to the far side of the Needle, which looked to be promising hiking. There was a lot of uphill on this, and I wish I had my GPS. By the end, I could hardly walk. We actually got back down, decided to walk along the left stream, since we heard there were natural pools to swim in, and we kept finding people in the pools. We kept hiking, and we eventually ended up scaling a really long, slippery trail that met up with the trail we had just finished. SO, we headed back down the same trail. That’s when my knees told me they had had enough abuse for one day.

Here are some pics of the day:

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