Nick’s visit…day 5

Now that Nick is gone, and it’s a holiday, I want to try and catch up on this. We really did some amazing things and took some amazing pictures. Whether I can remember everything is another story….

Day 5- Nov. 14th


For my birthday, I wanted to see the sunrise at the summit of Haleakala. I thought it would be a great way to start my day. The plan was to go hiking down into the crater afterward, so Nick and were well prepared. Well, nothing really went as planned on my birthday.  I think we left the house around 4am. It was certainly dark and getting gradually colder as we swerved our way up the mountain. Around 8000 ft, we entered into a cloud. I thought, “Great! We will be above the clouds for the sunrise. Amazing!” Well, the clouds never went away. In fact, we arrived earlier than anticipated and sat in the dark, waiting for it to be near sunrise. Sunrise was anticipated at 6:28am, so close to 6am, we went and stood at the railing, holding ourselves a spot. The wind was whipping across the summit, bringing with it the moisture from the cloud and drenching us. Some people had on rainsuits. Very smart. It was really cold….like windchill of low 30’sF.  6:28 came and went, and all we noticed was it was a bit brighter all around, but we still couldn’t see through the cloud that surrounded the numerous visitors that morning. We sat in the car, waiting for people to leave, realizing that we now had a whole day that we hadn’t planned for.

It’s a good thing Nick and I don’t dwell on these things, because it wasn’t the last thing to happen unexpectedly. We made the drive home, taking pics along the way. It really was beautiful to come out of the cold, grey cloud into a beautiful, sunny day. Bizarre. We tried the capture the amazing cloudscapes, but I am not so sure the pics do them justice. The Haleakala “Downhillers” cracked us up. There were people littered all along Haleakala Hwy on crappy old bikes, dirtbike helmets, and often a jumpsuit provided by the company. These were unexperienced riders descending down the road of Haleakala, weaving out into traffic, going as slow as I would be going UP the mountain….but at one point, there was a LONG, single file line of them, all clad in royal blue jumpsuits. I wish I had a picture of that one. I envisioned the oompa-loompas biking down the mountain, singing their merry songs, pedaling in unison…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We napped a bit when we got back, and then I decided it would be a good idea to go to KamII and see if we could get some snorkeling in. I couldn’t track down snorkel gear, but I had my goggles. Nick sat on the beach for a good while as Keely and I did our thing. I was out checking out the snorkeling fare….and I finally convinced Nick to come check it out. I figured if he could see how amazing it is, that he would forget that he THINKS he can’t swim worth a darn. Well, after a little time, and waving him over to see the giant sea turtle, I saw him to the side, above the coral, and I could tell he was reaching his foot down to stand. I yelled at him to not stand on the coral, but he didn’t hear me. Sure enough, he hurt his heel. I thought it was coral, but it turns out he stepped on a sea urchin. I should have gotten pics of his heel. It was bad, and I insisted that we went home and got it cleaned out and soaking in vinegar right away. I dropped him off and went to the store to get vinegar and food for dinner. Fish tacos sounded like a good birthday dinner, and it was something I had been wanting to cook anyway. I needed some sour cream, so I sent Keely on a mission to get sour cream and candles. She felt very special and did a great job of searching everything out. She even bought me a small necklace (with my money) for my birthday. Really, quite cute. I made the fish tacos, which were uber yummy, and then for dessert, we had dragon fruit (Nick’s idea, since I had it in the fridge already). What a great idea! Nick and Keely made a 36 out of the candles, and we had a light, beautiful and tasty treat. It was a special birthday, and one I will remember.

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