Aloha visit ….cont’d

Okay, 3 days left to share…and so many amazing pictures!!!

On the 20th, Keely had a car wash at school, so Nick and I took Makena all the way to the end. When I was there in July, the tides were way higher, so it was interesting to be able to walk out on rock that was submerged previously. We walked quite a ways, and actually realized we could hike the whole southern coast to the east side. After you get over the initial lava rock, you end up in this odd area of large, dry trees arching over you. It almost feels like an old dead forest, but it has plenty of life, including a mongoose the size of a cat. wow! We saw some divers once we got a ways further down, and I can imagine it is just beautiful where they were. So pristine and hardly touched. Too rough for snorkelers, and too hard to get to for most tourist types. We caught up to 2 guys (maybe the divers) on the way back with their catch hanging from a pole…a sizeable octopus, 2 bright red fish, and 2 bright blue fish. Pretty impressive. Judging by the looks of their truck, they probably need to do this to eat.

Check out the photos:

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