I Killed Peter Rabbit… or Did I?

I haven’t been running enough lately, so I had to get out. Plus, it’s supposed to get to a high of FREEZING in Albuquerque for the next couple of days. I decided to take the backroads and stay on trails. At one point in my run, the ball of my foot slid on something soft and squishy, something that felt much like a small animal. I stopped and looked back and saw nothing. A quick kick of my heel behind me didn’t reveal a big glob on my shoe, so continued onward. Running at altitude, especially when you haven’t been running even at sea level, just plain sucks. I made it nearly 4 miles, and when I got home, I looked down and saw this:

That is definitely fresh blood on that shoe
















And I nearly cried. I was sure I killed an innocent little bunny or something small and squishy. But then, I went to take off my other shoe, and I saw this:

That is definitely my blood

Not a big sore

Not sure what to make of it. Did I kick myself and bleed? Is that the blood on my other shoe….or did I really kill Peter Rabbit?


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