Poverty in Paradise

I wish I had known about this site before I moved to Hawaii.  It takes a salary you put in, the place you are moving from, where you are moving to, and then compares the biggest essential costs of living. I put in the move I made in October, and it’s ridiculous. If you are looking at relocating, look at this site.

Check this out:

If you move from NM Rio Rancho to HI Honolulu:
Groceries will cost: 71.858% more
Housing will cost: 175.528% more
Utilities will cost: 63.252% more
Transportation will cost: 32.741% more
Health will cost: 20.140% more

Section 1: Index Values

Category (Percent Weight) NM Rio Rancho HI Honolulu National Average
Composite (100%) 95.0 165.8 100.0
Grocery (12.95%) 93.1 160.0 100.0
Housing (28.99%) 89.9 247.7 100.0
Utilities (10.02%) 89.8 146.6 100.0
Transportation (11.98%) 95.6 126.9 100.0
Health (4.07%) 100.3 120.5 100.0
Miscellaneous (31.99%) 101.3 120.4 100.0

3 thoughts on “Poverty in Paradise

  1. Aloha Amy,

    What you forgot to mention is that Maui (and the other “outer islands”) are even more expensive than Honolulu so you would need to factor in at least another 10%.

    Yup, living in da islands is tough but at least we’re not freezing….


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