Have I Got a Room For You!

I am looking for a new place on Maui. In a desperate attempt to save some money, I am looking at all options, minus a situation where I have to share a room with my 12-year-old, hormone-driven, moody, combative daughter…otherwise known as a P.I.T.A.

I have come across a few different venues for finding living situations:


I came across this website because someone on Craigslist advertised their room from Roomorama on there.

Check it out. It looks to be pretty cool! You can find places all over the world.


I actually found this advertised in Hawaiian Airlines’ magazine…or was it Southwest’s? In any case, it seems to be a good way to get a month in some place stress free in order to avoid the whole “site unseen” scenario. That’s a scary thing.


No explanation needed. You do have to watch out for scams, but you can find people to share rooms with short or long term, sublets and temporary housing, etc.


This seems like a viable option for finding condos/apartments. I like to stay away from big corporate entities, despite listing a Marriott site earlier.

**I would be interested in any experience you may have had with any of these sites, both first and second hand, good or bad.


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