257/333- Sleeping With Gods

I came across this website (and some really twisted ones as well) from the Google search “honeycomb hotel Japan”.  In pure numerologic fashion, I thought this a fitting site to share. (regarding the symbology of the #3)


Below is a hotel in China’s Hebei province. The Tianzi Hotel, in Yanjiao, is a colorful ten-story hotel in the shape of a trinity of Chinese Taoist figures. Taken from the website…’The giants are known as Fu, Lu, and Shou. Their names translate as “good fortune,” “prosperity,” and “longevity,” traditionally considered the three attributes of a good life. They in turn represent three important stars, which are said to embody these attributes.’

According to ChineseArt.com, Fu Lu Shou San Hsing
Fu Lu Shou San Hsing are 3 Stellar Deities of Happiness/Fortune, Affluence and Longevity. They are frequently seen in Chinese homes. Pictures of them are extremely popular as symbols of all that Chinese wish for themselves. The 3 Deities individually are:
Fu Hsing: The God of Happiness and Fortune. He carries a scepter.
Lu Hsing: The God of Affluence and Official Rank (career). He Carries a small boy.
Shou Hsing: The God of Longevity. He carries a staff and a peach. is portrayed as an old man with a bald head and a very high forehead.

According to Wikipedia:

The Fu star refers to the planet Jupiter; The Lu star is Ursa Major; The Shou star is Argo Navis, the star of the South Pole in Chinese astronomy.

I find it interesting how embedded and pervasive the trinity is in religion. It makes sense with man, woman, and child to an extent, but I would be curious to know how pervasive the trinity actually is.


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