Widgets and Whoopie

Not a lot of interesting things happened today. I went back to work for the first time in 3 weeks, got a good amount accomplished and reminded people there I am still alive and present. After work, I started dinner, then went to pick up Keely at the pool. WELL, my friend (father of two other kiddos on the swim team) got his new Droid and was having fun trying to figure out all the apps. I thought I would take this chance to share some of the fun app/widget experiences I have been having.

Some of the first apps I discovered were:

Then, I started to look a little deeper and found these:

  • ColorNote, which is like sticky notes for your phone. If you ever used Post-It notes on your PC, it’s similar to that. I haven’t decided if I like it or not.
  • DailyHoroscope– not a bad thing for now and then, but not something I spend time on everyday
  • EasyTether– this allows you to use your unlimited internet on your phone to surf on your PC. The MiFi through Verizon has a limited amount of data usage, and tethering is faster anyway. I hear rumors tethering may violate one’s service contract, but I haven’t found a clause yet.
  • Engrade– this is a great online tool for teachers, students, and parents. Teachers can list assignments and due dates, as well as the grades. It’s a great tool to see when/if your child is behind in school or struggling in one class over another. There are options for class discussion, emails between teachers and students/parents, file attachments, flash cards and more.

The next few I was turned on by some other people:

  • Angry Birds– My friend Dave mentioned this game and forewarned me. I am not much of an electronic gamer, so I wasn’t worried. Well, I spent most a 5 hour flight from Oakland to Maui playing it, and I never got bored. There should be a disclaimer on this app.
  • Camera Fun Pro– I haven’t used it yet, but I am excited that I can turn a boring shot into something cool in an instant.
  • Countdown Widget-this puts the days left to the end of my residency on the first page of my phone ( or any other countdown I might want to do)
  • Foursquare– this allows you to “check in” at certain places. Great app for stalkers!
  • Ringlert– There are over 270,000 free ringtones on this app. It’s crazy fun to listen to, but it gets cumbersome just flipping through. I recommend narrowing the search first.
  • Yelp– this allows you to review pretty much any service anywhere in the country. I like it online, so I am hoping it is just as good as an app.
  • WordPress– this is because I have two blogs…and I committed to #postaday2011 on this blog.

Tonight, I learned about the Whoopie Cushion app from my friend J. Turns out, you can have this whoopie cushion app react to sound or movement. It reacts as would be expected, with a horrendous flatulent explosion. He also told me of a beer app where if you have two phones linked via bluetooth, you can pull up a picture of a glass of beer and virtually pour your beer into another’s empty glass. I haven’t found it yet.

Sitting here with hiccups for the second time today, wondering what great widgets I am missing out on.


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