I Want a New Drug

Real conversation via Skype:

Me: I am trying to figure out what is missing in my life and how to get it back

Him: what do you think is missing

Me: my passion
my freedom
I need movement in my life, but not sure how to get it
I try to move, but it hurts, and all the things that make me feel best really require classes, and they cost money
I am so much happier when I am in touch with my body, and when I move now, I look down, and it’s like I don’t know this body.
totally out of touch. I have ignored it because I don’t understand it anymore. It doesn’t feel like it used to

Him: I know what you mean.  yoga could be good for you

Me: a little much huh?
just a rough day trying to be healthy today
yoga would be good, but it’s $10+ a class.
I tried doing it today at home, and my hamstring wouldn’t let me
I was looking at the NM School of Natural Therapeutics….
one year program would give me the background I need to apply pharmacy to integrative medicine modalities I feel…carve a niche

Him: It’s always tough getting back into gear, lots of grinding.
That would be good.  The center for life is where you seemed to have your best clinical experiences.

Me: yep. I feel at home in that environment
everyone works together, helps each other out, but also lets each person be who they are
not sure if they will get to their model in this economy, but I can work on carving my niche while working as a “normal” pharmacist
NM is a great place for integrative medicine, as is AZ, and CA

Him: It’s good to persue.  there is a huge gap in knowlege between herbal and drug therapies and how they interact.

Me: agreed, and with healthcare bottoming out, herbals and the like will explode. That’s my guess, anyway

Him: Seems like it’s mostly people with money or good insurance that covers.

Me: that school is also right where I used to live…lol
people pay through the nose for supplements. Some work more to buy them
it’s crazy
rich people pay out of pocket for prescription medications and alternative *therapies*
poor people buy supplements. You don’t need to pay a copay for the doctor visit, or for the medication
it would be fascinating, but I need to check the reputation. It’s time to do what I want to do with myself. I am a hippie at heart, damnit! 😉

Him: Prescribe bicycles and maybe people wouldn’t need drugs

Me: lol
that would be beneficial
bikes, walking, and weekly massages

for everyone
at least monthly

Him: i agree


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