My karma check got cashed today, and I didn’t have to do anything. I just went along, at first somewhat bewildered, then ecstatic about what was unfolding right under my nose.

I don’t know what I did right, but I must have been good to someone. My friend Paul might say it is because I picked up that $2000 jacket in Oakland airport last week and took it to the desk, then declined payment when the owner came and thanked me. It wasn’t a big deal to pick his jacket off of the floor and walk it to the counter. Plus, I like giving without expecting anything in return.

Anyhow, I woke up today, stiff and tired. I looked at my phone. …..5:30. ….AM. After lying around for a bit, I figured there must be something important for me to do. My plan for the day was to get my third room furnished for anyone who roomed with me. So, I lied in bed and searched for a Craigslist app on my Droid. (I love that thing), and I found a good one, so I searched for tables, beds, chairs, garage sales and coffee makers…oh, and people looking for rooms. Kinda funny, lying there in the dark, checking out these things while in bed. It got me started though, and Keely and I were out the door by 8am. We hit up a couple local garage sales, and they had nothing. We made it out to Lahaina, and there was a twin bed and a TV cart I was interested in. The guy threw in the full-size mattress for free, but needed to keep it until the end of the month. I didn’t have a truck, so gave him the full amount in cash and left with only the cart, plus 2 boogie boards I got for $5, and 2 DVDs he gave to Keely. I was thinking about what I had done on the way back, and I realized I really needed that full bed for the third room.

I got home and remembered that Anthony below me was moving out of his studio in a rush, so I figured I should ask him first what he had for sale. When I knocked on his door and asked, he exclaimed that he was giving away everything. He just needed it out of there so he could clean the place up. After many repeat stories about the hand-blown glass lamps, and the different sheet sets for the king-size bed (some of which are monkeys, or leopard print, or tropical print, and all of  which I am declining, unless he just can’t get rid of it), I ended up with the following:

  • 1 solid glass- topped, large coffee table
  • 1 original painting
  • 1 framed print
  • 1 TV/DVD combo
  • 1 wall hanging with places for candles
  • table and 2 chairs for the lanai
  • 4 plant stands
  • 2 ferns
  • 1 cute jackass (yard decor)
  • 2 African style small lamps
  • 1 Beautiful glass mosaic type vase
  • 1 Large mirror
  • 1 White wicker shelving unit w/glass shelves
  • 2 sea green vases

And the list will grow. I have a floor lamp coming, 2 nightstands, lamps, maybe more. I like them too!

I took Anthony to the store midway to get him some beer. I told him to grab extra, since I was buying.

Then, I called the guy in Lahaina, and we finally came to an agreement. I offered him $20 and both of my air mattresses if he would deliver both beds today. BAM! Done deal.

Keely and I celebrated with a visit to Wal-Mart to buy new pillows, sheets, and hangers for the third room, and I paid for most of it with my giftcard. I picked up another can of spraypaint for the wicker shelves, and we headed on home. Everything together cost me about $150.

Today, I feel blessed. When I returned to the islands, I decided to dig my feet in the sand and plant some roots, and the island welcomed me as Kama’aina.


3 thoughts on “Kama’aina

  1. It’s just the way things work here on the islands when you just let them…

    So many people come here and want/expect it to be just like the Mainland with all the hussel and pushing and speeding and “I gotta get mine before you get yours” attitude. All that just doesn’t work here…. But it’s really difficult for people to give that up and just relax into the ease and flow of the islands and Hawaiian people and culture.

    You have DEFINITELY been welcomed as Kamaʻaina.

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