I am adopting a 4-year-old

December was the “mainland month”. I spent only a week of December in Hawaii, and the rest was either in Anaheim at a conference or New Mexico for vacation. It seems that January is my “visitor month”.

  • Today, Sheena and I were introduced to two nice new interns from Denver, both female and willing to hang out. Sheena and I could use some female company, so we all talked about hikes and nights out, dinner at my place, etc.
  • Friday, Keely’s father comes to visit for a week. That should free up some time for hanging with the gals.
  • Three days later, my mentor Bill Jones comes to visit. Sheena and I are both looking forward to his frank opinion and insight into the issues of our residency thus far.
  • The day he leaves, and 2 days before Keely’s father leaves, I have a small family coming to live with me for 3 months. Yep, a healthcare worker, spouse and daughter. Not only will it save me money and allow me to stay where I am at, I feel I am helping them save money and enjoy a nice home close to the ocean. Plus, both Keely and the little girl could use some companionship. Keely loves little kids.

Seems my life will be very social for January, and I hope it mellows out a bit after that. I am looking forward to having a little one around though. Four is a great age, and kids are so good at bringing you to the here and now. We get so caught up in our adult obligations that sometimes we forget to enjoy where we are at. Keikis help remind us that life is magical.


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