BUSY past 2 days at work. I have not had a break all day, but it’s good to crank out so much work.

Today was really a win-win type of day. I had a patient upset she had to wait 10 minutes ( I didn’t realize she was waiting), and then she was adamant that her doctor knows what’s best and told her all she needed to know about her medications. After 45 minutes, she left smiling, and she even said, “Thank you. That was enlightening.”

After work, I finally ran with the Valley Isle Road Runner group. They run every Wednesday night from the community center where Keely swims every night. Now, it doesn’t get any more convenient than that! I was the slowest one, but it was the first time I actually connected with a group of people, aside from those at work. Cool people, and I went to Pizza Madness afterward with the 2 diehards. Most people go home, but Rita and John hit it up every time I guess. I just had salad and a beer (gluten free and all), but Keely ate well, and I liked the group meeting her right away.

I am missing special people today. My mom called for medical advice right when I was talking to Sheena about how hard it is to see your parents age. Parents are always supposed to be stronger than you, right? Then, I saw a dog JUST LIKE my dog Buddy when I was running tonight. I have never seen one so similar before, and I wanted to run up and squeeze it. When I got home, Nick was online, so we got to Skype for a bit. It was so good to see his smile, even if we couldn’t talk. I miss him more than anything.

I am so torn. If I didn’t have family on the mainland (Nick counts as family), and I didn’t have student loans to pay off, I don’t see any reason I would go back. Hawaii is awesome. The people, the land, the ocean, now the whales. I love it here, but it’s lonely too in a sense. That is why I finally started connecting to the people here. No need being a loner.

It’s getting late, and I have patient cases to finish up tomorrow. Year-end is Friday, and I intend to close all of my cases.

Good night (or good morning to those of you far to the east).


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