Flooding, fighting, freedom and friendliness

Aaaah, good, healthy, filling dinner of salad with mushrooms, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries, along with steamed broccoli with a touch of cheese, buckwheat, and chicken with eggplant and onion. Now, a Coconut Porter to top it off while I look back on a day full of crazy, cool, serendipitous happenings.


Last night was a true tropical storm, all night long. It bent a giant leafy branch down to my window, and it looked like a giraffe looking on me…kinda weird. It rained enough to flood central Kihei, and they canceled school for 5 schools, including Keely’s. Instead of snow day, we have kona day here! There was a flash flood warning in effect for the whole island, road closures, rock slides, mud slides, and more. I figured work could wait a couple of hours. Lo and behold, between 9 and 10am, the sky went from dark and stormy to blue with fluffy white clouds. Weird.


During that hour, I was getting dressed and looking to wear something different for once. I reached into my drawer of tanks and camisoles, and there was a swarm of those tiny yellow house ants, and as I pulled the shirts out, there must have been 3-4 more swarms. One more drawer had some swarms as well, so they went outside and got Windexed. That seems to work at keeping others from coming. I had been having these little guys crawl on me here and there at my desk, and I figured it was just a nuisance I had to live with, but now that I found those swarms, and I have since laid out little borax ant traps, things seem better. Of course, with the flooding, I now have gnats swarming outside my windows, and flying cockroaches, and now there is a cane spider hanging out at the window by my bed. Fantastic.


Work was crazy again, so after I drove home, decided the house needed some serious cleaning, and took Keely to swimming, I went for a run. I am still not feeling so strong, but tonight I felt a little more stable, more even. The wind was insane, and heading south was really hard. When the wind whips across my mouth that fast, it feels like it’s sucking the air from me. Coming back felt awesome with the tailwind though. I wanted to make it to the beach closest to the pool, so I finished at a little beach that was dirty from the storm. It felt amazing to take off my running shoes and put my hot, sore feet into the cool sand. Despite some strange looks, I took some time to stand and stretch, and to feel the chill wind rush across my sweaty skin, giving me tingles all over. I was pretty much covered in sand when I was done, but the sun hadn’t set, so I finally gave in and sat in the sand, looking out at the murky ocean, usually crystal clear, and the debris scattered all over the ocean. Then, to the horizon, where you could see rain far off in the distance. No whales did I see tonight.


An older lady with 3 cute dogs was sitting  quite a ways to my left. I smiled several times at her dogs, and she eventually got up and walked over. We talked a bit, and then she told me she wanted me to have two books she had written. She just had to wait for her friend, who was walking her 4th dog. Well, when they showed up, I was surrounded by 5 dogs, all loving my nails scratching their back. I wanted to take them all home. Probably the cutest one was the mangy, skinny little dog with one eye missing. He seemed so wise, and despite being mangy, his hair was soft as silk.

The lady’s cousin fetched the books. One is titled “So You Want to Live in Hawai’i”, and her name is Toni Polancy. The other one is titled “Hawai’i in Love” about island romance. I guess she has written a couple other books as well. As she left, she said she was interested in interviewing me for the update of her book, which is in its 3rd edition right now. I just had a very special Hawai’i moment, where everything comes together. It’s the kama’aina friendliness….it’s contagious. Afterward, I had to run up the hill to get Keely from practice, one hand in each arm, and my stride felt strong and even, ready to take on more serious running finally.


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