Aloha Friday

Today was our big deadline for submitting our MTM (Medication Therapy Management) cases for 2010. What a relief to have it done! Sheena and I chatted a lot today, mostly about the residency, ideas, etc. We also just needed a mental break. Fridays are funny on Maui. Doctors’ offices close at noon, and nothing happens really past 3pm, unless you are in the food/entertainment industry.

I decided to hit the beach before Keely’s dad arrived in town, so I could relax a little. Well, the water was totally murky, nothing like the usual crystal clear water. Plus, it was full of all kinds of debris, so that didn’t last long. I felt so dirty! I am sad that it is like this when he is here, because he has never been to Hawaii before. Hopefully, the weather will be good for them while he is here. I overloaded him with options, partially because I am excited to share Maui, partially because I am worried that stormy weather will mess up most of their plans.

Regardless, when he came here, he was upset that it took him 2 hours to land at the airport, get the car, drive to Kihei, and check into his hotel. He was so adamant about getting checked in, that he missed an amazing sunset just outside the building where he is staying….the beach is RIGHT there. The whales were there, and all he had to do was take 2 minutes away and relax.

By the end of dinner time, I could see him relaxing a bit, but it will take some time. He is such an East Coaster. Seeing him and listening to him shows me how much more relaxed I really have  become. The islands are good for stress levels, even if it is expensive beyond belief here. On that note, time to reduce my stress level with some sleep so I can enjoy my weekend!


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