Every day, we see art. Often times, it’s bad art. Just as often, it’s dull. Sometimes, we come across someone with real talent, but maybe they lack originality. Very seldom, we encounter genius, and I feel I have found someone like this. My friend “liked” her work on Facebook, so I checked it out, and I am amazed. Her work is surreal and sublime, eerie, graceful, raw, and utterly beautiful. I think the dancers and quality of suspension she captures is particularly alluring for me. What makes the quality of her work even harder to fathom is that she has only been doing photography for a couple of years. Oh, and she is in her mid-twenties. Check out this.

Her name is Brooke Shaden, and I have a feeling her name will be showing up more in the future. Here is her blog, which details much of her process, but also how she uses her art as her therapy.


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