Living in a picture perfect world…

I wonder exactly when I went from walking along the beach and admiring the beauty of the sunset (given the weather was perfect and I didn’t have too much sand on me) to drinking in the sunset, along with some sandy ocean water occasionally. When did I go from seeing sand as a nuisance to loving the colors of the separate grains and the patterns they make on my wet legs? Where once I experienced paradise like it was a picture in a gallery, like a ride at Disneyland, I now envelope myself in it.

There is a life force, a heartbeat of the islands. Lying in the ocean, I try and hear through the crackles for the heartbeat, or for the whales. Lying in the ocean at sunset is like lying along an artery. The pulse moves me and surrounds me. Everything moves in sync. Everything affects everything. The world around us is round, not flat. We do not simply walk on the earth of the island, looking out at a sunset and a flat horizon on the sea. Well, I don’t. The islands surround me. I am a part of the islands. My feet have sunken into the sand, and I have tasted the salt water, been tossed around like a rag doll in the surf, ecstatic to feel such energy (and to be alive).

I live in a picture perfect world, but no picture can capture the joy of waking to so many birds, or the sounds of the ocean, whether it is a far-away roar, a rhythmic breaking on the beach, or the periodic pounding into rocks and erupting from a blowhole. The powerful wind and the swishing of the wet banana leaves during a tropical storm. The list goes on and on, and every day another sensation is added.

Welcome to our picture perfect world. Kick off your shoes, sink in your feet, and become a part of the pulse of the islands.


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