Rachel Brice / Dance

Not the girl I saw, but impressive nonetheless!

Just some positive points of the weekend:

  • Friday- I got to experience Paia a bit, including some tribal belly dance, good food at Moana Cafe, and a promise to myself to explore Paia more
  • Spent some good time enjoying the sun on Saturday and not stressing about anything
  • Saturday night, I feel my roomie M and I came up with an idea to help her
  • Sunday morning, while I didn’t do my long run I had planned on, I got some amazing sleep. Much needed.
  • I released Mothra. Hopefully, he wasn’t too sick and will survive.
  • Sheena and I went to Mana Foods in Paia after working a few hours and got some amazing deals on items like Lara Bars, salad dressings, gluten-free pasta, and more. Plus, I bought some things that I want to try and make myself.
  • Good run tonight, followed by a good dinner, and then a call from my beau.

Life is good!


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