What’s SUP? ME! In a bikini!

I was very fortunate to get to do a free stand up paddle (SUP) clinic with Suzie Cooney on November 13, 2010. It was my birthday gift to myself to indulge in this early morning. It was fantastic!! I blogged about it HERE.

What an awesome day with awesome women!!

Well, there is supposed to be video of the event, but it hasn’t gone up yet. There ARE quite a few photos though, and I am in lots of them. I am usually on the left side, the only one in a white bikini. What can I say? It makes me look more tan. There is even a good one of me holding the board. I look somewhat fit! SEE HERE

Suzie is now in Costa Rica. Must suck, huh?

I really admire what she does and how far she has taken what she loves to do. She has managed to expand her business through following her passion, not the dollars. I am sure the dollars are coming, but I can tell that isn’t her main concern. She really loves to help people and has had her share of injuries she battled through.

I will certainly share the video once it’s up. Excited, even if I look silly!


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