Making amends with my pelvis

Posting every day can be a bit challenging, but I am determined. One night, I was exhausted and in bed, so I went onto my WordPress app on my Droid and posted something before drifting off. Tonight, I am at a bit of a loss. I usually don’t post until late because of work, exercise, then kiddo + dinner + homework, then more work at home, then I realize I haven’t posted and need to work and/or go to bed.

BUT, there is something I am happy about. I am excited about my running ability coming back. I think my approach is different, and that is one reason I am making strides. Initially, I just decided to incorporate some type of movement into every day. It didn’t have to be uber intense, and even a 45 minute early-morning pilates session in my room, looking out onto my lanai, could be easy on my body as long as I was present for the majority of it.

The actual x-ray from the ER 5-21-2008. You can see the fracture along the whole right side of the iliac crest

I think where I really made strides was in my mind, and it completely changed my body. I have been having a nagging tightness/pain in my right hamstring ever since my accident in 2008. It has kept me from being more active, since it flares up when I exercise. I finally decided to see a massage therapist. I looked at massage schools for an instructor with an extensive background, and I found a lady that seemed to fit the bill. She was willing to meet me on a Sunday even! When she came to greet me at the school, she didn’t just shake my hand. She took it in one, and covered it with the other, in the firm yet gentle way only an experienced massage therapist can do. A few things came out of this meeting that were crucial in my breakthrough. I told her about the accident, and I mentioned that I probably had a lot of scar tissue in my pelvis, around where the break was. She went fairly easy on me, since it had been so long. Everything was normal and relaxing, and then she found a spot, probably at the top of the iliac crest where I had fractured my pelvis, and I suddenly broke down. It didn’t hurt at all, but she released emotional angst I had held deep inside me. Not only that, she told me that she didn’t feel a lot of scar tissue, that my tissue was quite healthy and responsive to her touch. She felt that I healed well.

Near the end, she found another spot that made me cry, but this time on my forehead. I find it amazing when this happens. This time, I was baffled. Her touch was gentle, and I had no resistance, yet I couldn’t stop the tears from coming. After the session, she showed me a yoga movement to do every day. I lie on my back and put a small yoga block between my legs. I press my knees together as if my life depended on it and press up into a bridge. The first time I did it, I felt and heard this loud CRACK! in my groin. Holy crap that hurt! My tendons popped over something, and way up in my groin area. The next couple of days, the same thing happened, and then it happened only occasionally. I have been running more and with less pain in my hamstring. Yesterday, I ran 6 miles at my fastest pace of all my recent runs, which were max 4 miles each. Tonight, I ran 3. 5 miles, and I realized there was no pain in my hamstring, and there still isn’t. It’s completely gone!

Besides the emotional release and the realigning of *something* each morning with my yoga block, I see my body differently. Getting affirmation that my tissue is healed allowed me to let go of the accident and not feel that I would have this chronic issue to deal with forever. I could see my body as a vital, healthy, strong body able to adapt and increase it’s strength, endurance, flexibility and agility.

I am so excited to regain my body and my vigor!

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