Kona baby!

Green turtles, Chelonia mydas in Tide pool in Kona

Image via Wikipedia

Gosh darnit, it’s late again! Flew into Kona today for our conference, and it’s exciting to be on an island with volcanic activity. Lava rock everywhere! I can’t imagine doing the Kona Ironman here. The sun was direct and hot, even in the winter!

We are staying at the Hilton Waikaloa, which is HUGE. We don’t even have to leave to enjoy ourselves. There is a lagoon with a huge waterfall we can swim in, maybe even enjoy the green sea turtles. There are numerous pools as well.  We take a tram or boat to our room from the main lobby. Crazy. Dinner was beautiful. We sat outside at night, and the air was perfectly calm and warm, and there were no bugs at all to take away from the wonderful meal laid out for us.

There is art everywhere. It’s like a museum or giant gallery, except that everything is within reach.

Big day of meetings tomorrow, then Sheena and I are going to play on Sunday. Yeah!!

Must get some sleep now though. I have to be up and ready to rumble in 8 hours. Ugh.

Nighty, night!

Pics to follow….


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