Kona, turtles, and silk

Seriously, another late night post?!  I guess that means I have an action-packed life, so maybe it’s a good thing. I just got home from picking up Keely after a weekend in Kona. I got too much sun, and now I am beat. We stayed at the Hilton Waikaloa, which is a HUGE resort. I think I mentioned that previously. Great time, and I really enjoyed meeting some of the University of Hawai’i at Hilo staff and faculty. They were quite receptive, and even the College of Pharmacy Dean’s daughter has decided she wants to meet my daughter.

Kona is definitely rough around the edges. You have to really work hard to get to the beautiful places. I have yet to see Hilo, but I know it’s the wet side of the island, so probably less lava rock and more beach. Hopefully, I can hook up with some locals next time I head to the Big Island, so that I can see some of the local treats. I hate being stuck on a resort with man-made lagoons, dolphins in captivity, and screaming children everywhere. It’s all so superficial. We really wanted to release the dolphins. It just seemed so wrong.

Positive things:

I beat a guy at a game of pool, managed to avoid all of the Super Bowl festivities, feasted on taro chips and poke, ate tons of rice, swam with reef fish and sea turtles, watched some amazing sunsets, had loads of fun with my co-resident, bought some beautiful wraps/dresses, and made it home safely.

Oh, and I found out my daughter kicked some serious butt at the swim meet on Saturday. 3rd in each of her heats!!


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