Perception is Everything

I am realizing more and more lately how powerful the mind is. I don’t know when it happened, but at some point, I learned to let things go more. The internal dialogue that so many people have with themselves, going over and over what they anticipate will happen, is stressful and counterproductive. For example, my young neighbor happens to be my landlord’s son, and he has a nasty temper. The early 20’s is an ugly time in life for most. Well, we had some recent issues with parking, since we had 9 people and 7 cars, 4 of which were his. He ranted and raved, parked his car directly behind my garage so I couldn’t get out, etc, etc. My roommate was, and still is, bothered by it. I quietly called his dad and asked him to have his son move his car so I could get to work. The issue was resolved that night. Today, he was parked too far out, so I had a hard time backing out of my driveway, which is awkward as it is. Instead of mulling over it, and stressing over it, and assuming that he was a little turd and therefore doing it on purpose, I just walked down and asked him nicely to move the car up so that I could get in and out without scraping up someone’s car. He apologized and moved the car. My roomie was surprised there wasn’t a confrontation, to which I replied, “If you approach a situation assuming there will be tension, then there will be tension.” I didn’t assume anything. It wasn’t worth my energy.

I used to be the one to stress out and to mull all day over what to do, or why people were acting a certain way. Most times, I think I was wrong, and I ended up making things worse. I prefer to wait things out a bit now. My relationships are better, as is my stress level.


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