Fleeting Serenity

Amazing how fleeting serenity is. I am completely overwhelmed, yet again, in my life. Circumstances out of my control are entering and sucking my time and energy away from what I need to be focusing on, which is my residency. It has been hard to breathe for a few days, my body has been hurting and out of whack, fatigue has set in to the point of coming  home and just lying like a sack of potatoes on the bed, and I am irritable. I snapped at my co-resident today for the first time. Part of me wants to be alone, and another part of me feels lonely. Overall, I am positive. Things are going well in my life. In fact, I can hardly keep up with it, especially with all of these other things coming in. I guess just take life one challenge at a time. Time to triage my stressors and put some of them in the waiting room.


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