Exhaling allows us to breathe

Tension in my household is at an all-time high, and I have been sighing a LOT lately. I feel like all my daughter and I do is argue, which compounds the stress I already have with work and personal obligations. Tonight, I realized that I have not been taking my daily or near-daily trips to the beach for a sunset dip and worship. The ocean helps wash away the stresses of the day. It’s healing and renewing, and I need it.

I ran, then stretched on the beach, then floated around for a while, then sat on the beach where the water could reach me, enjoying the ebb and flow. I am in the process of exhaling, still not able to fully relax my mind and body.

Tonight, my daughter and I exhaled together. She knows I am here to help, that I am not judging her, and that we are in this together.


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