Haiku, not just a poem

Today was a good break from home. I worked on my taxes this am (hopeful for a decent return), then had a pretty darn good run. I am almost below an average 9 min/mile pace for a 5K. Then, I went in to work 4 hours, but it was really easy. I just hope I did it all right! I took Keely with me to work, because we were heading up to Haiku for the Maui Open Studios. A very special friend of mine, Shane Robinson, had an opening today, so I wanted to make sure and be there.

We got to Haiku with time to spare, so got a late lunch at Hana Hou. It started to rain as we pulled up in the driveway, so we skittered up to the patio, where we found a nice small table right on the edge, so we could hear the rain falling on the huge leaves just beyond our reach. There was also a mama chicken and her offspring, seemingly looking for shelter from the rain. Our server had an uber cool French accent. I finally had some authentic Hawaiian food, the squid luau, lomi salmon, and haupia. YUM! It was fresh, healthy, and just the right amount.

After, we found Shane’s show in the Pauwela Cannery. It was great to see him and hear of all the things he has been doing. It makes me long to be artistic again. I met some amazing people there at the #MauiOS Tweetup, and Keely had fun playing with some other kiddos there. When we left, it was pouring rain, which I think it does often in Haiku. Visibility was bad on the windy roads coming back, but I just took my time. We didn’t get home until 9pm, which meant we had been gone a good 12 hours. While we were gone, the roomies cleaned most of the house before they moved out, so I came home to my own house again. Not a bad day, I must say!


3 thoughts on “Haiku, not just a poem

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  2. Sounds like a great day, indeed! 🙂

    Mahalo to both you an Keely for tripping up to Haiku for my Open Studio. It was great spending time with you and I’m very much looking forward to our project!

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