A Whale of a Tail

amy Whale, breaching, Stellwagen Bank National...

Image via Wikipedia

Today, I had the most random, cool whale experience! I was on Keawakapu beach, just soaking up the sun, when I heard the lady next to me gasp and then point to the ocean, telling her son to look at the whale. I looked out and saw a big splash (a breach I am guessing), then a tail came up and slapped the water. There was a boom, like when large fireworks go off in the distance and there is a gap of time before you hear it. Then the tail slapped again, and again. The whale must have slapped its tail 20 times, and each time there was that sound. I think it was about a mile and half out. It seemed kind of odd that it did it so many times.

A boat came racing out of the north and right up to where the whale had been, and then the whale breached. I bet if the boat was much closer, it would have capsized. The driver was definitely breaking the law, as it kept pursuing the whale, which breached about 4 or 5 times. Then, it started slapping its fin. But it didn’t just slap one fin like I usually see. It had both up, like it was on its back, rolling back and forth, swinging the fins side to side and slapping the water. One lady said it might have been giving birth. I doubt it with the breaching, but what do I know? Perhaps there was an escort, which means that boat should probably have not been so close.

Keely’s swim coach told me Friday night about her ocean swim the prior Sunday where she had gone out about a mile and half, and a whale swam right underneath her. She said it was probably only 20 feet away as it and its calf swam around in a circle, checking out the swimmers. I can’t even imagine!!! I really have to make sure to see the whales up close and personal before they leave.


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