Beach Bum Mama- In Da House!


  • I kick my ankle randomly every time I run, and every time it bleeds like a stuck pig.
  • There are little gnats that are attracted to my computer screen, and I always debate whether to smoosh them on my screen or not
  • I miss my beau and wonder if I will get to see him more often
  • I wonder if he wonders the same. He isn’t much of a talker
  • My plate runneth over—with obligations: I need to find a school for Keely next year, a good one, but I don’t know where I will be living until I find a job. I have no idea where I want to work, so that makes it hard. Plus, I have a beau and family in New Mexico, but I hate cold, and there aren’t any jobs there for pharmacists. So, until I figure out what I want to do with my life, I have to apply to places I might never work and places Keely might never go to school, which is a LOT of work.
  • Taxes are FILED!!! Yeah!! And I am actually getting something back this year
  • I will be a free-loving, earthy crunchy woman who heals the hearts of those around her
  • I want to swim out in the ocean and have whales swim under and around me.
  • I want to surf, stand up paddle, paddle (canoe), ocean swim, kite surf, dive and basically take advantage of any activity this amazing island has to offer.
  • I will defy time and age with a happy heart and healthy life.
  • AMEN

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