Let those stilettos fly!

Today, I felt puffy,  legs heavy and swollen. I sat most of the day with heels on, which is awful for your legs, especially if you want to do a nighttime run. I only had about 40 minutes due to a meeting going over, so I ran home and grabbed my gear. When I took my heels off, my calves ached as my heels touched the floor. It’s amazing how tight they get when you wear heels.

Honestly, I was thinking that my legs would be tight and heavy during my run, but I had to Just Do It. Surprisingly, when I headed out, my stride was springy, almost too much so. It’s weird when that happens, and suddenly you have legs that do their own thing and literally DRIVE you. My run wasn’t fast, but it was certainly the fastest run overall I have done lately. I had to slow down my legs at times, because they were so ready to just GO. I think doing a long run on Sunday with some good rice carbs and rest increased my glycogen stores. That means I can start longer distances, twice-a-days, etc.

You thought I was bouncy before? Just you wait.


One thought on “Let those stilettos fly!

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