Ever seen a butterfly do the backstroke?

I blogged earlier about my experience with making my gluten-free “pretzels”, but that wasn’t the only project of the day. I also started work on the pond outside that I somehow inherited with my place. I seem to be the only one that really wants to take care of it, partially because I am the only one truly planning on staying.

Well, it’s a small pond with what looks like 8 beautiful koi, certainly too many for this pond. When my downstairs neighbor moved out, the pond suddenly turned green. I couldn’t even see the fish, but I figured they hadn’t died, since they weren’t floating on the surface. That’s usually a good indicator. Well, I went out and bought Algae Fix and a water conditioner, as well as some meds for the fish, a couple of whom (do you use whom with fish?) have developed what looks like a white fungus on their heads. I then proceeded to clean out the submersed water pump. Oh My God!! I can’t believe you could get water through all of the algae mess! I took out handfuls of algae, and squeezed out the pads.

Today, I went to a pet supply shop and got new pads for the filter and a net. When I asked about the fish,the store employee told me they were probably Butterfly Koi.

Swimming Butterflies…I like it!

Here are some before pics.


Nice pump,eh? This ain't the half of it


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