“+”….. In a Nutshell

Today was a big day! I didn’t get my butt out of bed for a group ride, as I would have had to leave the house by 6:30, at the latest. I did manage to get out on my mountain bike, though. I just need to take my time getting used to it and have it feel like mine. First, I read almost half of a book Nick loaned me about mountain biking tips and skills. I now know why my wheel turned 90 degrees and threw me into the rocks on my last rides. Today was painful in that I am out of shape, but also great fun. The fact that the bike plus the camel bak weighted about as much as 2 of my road bikes made ascending REALLY painful, but I was in no hurry. I didn’t do much on the dirt, but will get there soon.

After, I decided to go ahead and make my cheesy kale crisps. YUM! I can tell they are going to be amazing. I just need to make sure not to eat them all at once, because they are way higher calorie than I realized. I went and swam in the ocean around sunset, swimming further out than usual and getting a peek at some fish. I love how clear the water is lately!

For dinner, Keely and I made spring rolls, and the sauces turned out better than last time, especially the peanut sauce. Plus, I had shrimp in them this time, although I really couldn’t taste them. Next, I want to make musabi, but without spam.

Those are the positive things about my day in a nutshell.


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