263/333- Let’s Hear it For the Girls!

I don’t know how well this fits in my 333 project theme, but being somewhat supersticious, I think it fits great.

As part of our residency, we have to do a research project. Most of these will involve people in some way, even if it’s only prescription records without any names attached. That means we have to get approval of our study through the Institutional Review Board (IRB). They review all of the details of the study and determine if it properly protects all of the rights of the subjects in the study. It’s quite a process, even for a simple survey study like ours. Today, after numerous re-edits, we finally finished it!

We printed out the final copy, and prepared to sign our names as the PI’s (Principle Investigators). Even though it wasn’t approved yet, it felt like such a momentous occasion! As luck would have it, we submitted 3 copies, all signed 3/3 (March 3rd). I think you don’t get luckier than that, being that my lucky number is 3. So, now all we do is wait, and keep our fingers crossed!


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