Long distance

Wishing I could transport myself, or at least transmit a hug through space…not a memory of a hug, but a real one.

Wishing I had more time and money for travel back

Wishing a year wasn’t so long

Looking forward to going back, despite leaving paradise

Because paradise is lonely

And why be lonely when you have love at home?

2 thoughts on “Long distance

  1. Hi Amy,

    Sending warm thoughts to you in your new paradise. As I am struggling to learn and practice, life will eventually bring all that you need in time if you let go and let your own universe guide you. I believe you are following your spirit just in the fact yiu are in your new paradise, and I have felt the passion and smiles in your writing (not to mention seeing it in your pictures.)

    God Bless and Namaste, Amy…

    I am here if you need an ear to bend, or to write to.

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