I have really been enjoying taking care of the pond and the koi. They have become more active since the water has been cleaner. I still have a hard time seeing the black ones, but I definitely count 9 koi. Too many for that small pond.

Lately, as I come to feed them, several of them do the little guppy face, coming up to the surface and opening their mouths, as if I could just throw the tiny pieces of food in. I figured it was probably coincidence, but today when I walked up, they all came up to the surface and opened their mouths, just like a nest of baby birds would do. It’s just the coolest thing to be taking care of these beautiful fish. How lucky am I!


2 thoughts on “Hungry

    • I really should have gotten a picture, but I had fun trying to toss the bits as close to their mouths as possible. And I get to do it every day! It’s like being a kid again!

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