Aloha Banana Friday!

I don’t often feel too productive, but today was different. The morning started off with a visit on Skype with my beau. I get to see him in 11 days, which is 3 months too late (the last time I saw him was January 5th). Super excited to have a couple days alone with him in Seattle. At work, I was able to do a lot of brainstorming and prioritizing, and met with the owner of the pharmacy for quite a while to barrage him with all of my updates and questions. I think he actually appreciated it, despite already being exhausted.

After work, I laid on my bed, feeling physically exhausted. My bed is WAY too comfy! I must have drifted off, because I woke with a jerk, but no one was around to point fingers and laugh like they did in college. Somehow, I managed to get into my running clothes and out the door with Keely to take her to swimming. Despite it being hot out and feeling somewhat run down, I trotted out, pretty much determined to do more than my usual 3.8 mile loop. Well, I managed 5 miles, and it felt pretty darn good! My pace wasn’t bad either, but I wasn’t trying to go fast, just trying to keep my heart rate and effort level consistent.

Feeling pretty spunky tonight, kinda silly, which is nice, since lately I have been feeling pretty low on patience. Made some easy and yummy pasta, good for Keely’s swim meet in the morning. Now, I am determined to make banana muffins. You can see why. I waited and waited for these bananas to ripen, and one day I saw some yellow. By the next day, almost the whole first hand was yellow. Within a few days, all 5 hands were ripe! I might even have to freeze some of them.

I would love to take some muffins to the swim meet tomorrow, but not so sure if there will be any left!

Swim meet tomorrow, followed by some sun, maybe a pedicure (it’s been probably 1.5 years since I had one), perhaps a bike ride. Sunday, long run in the am, then sun and/or pedicure if it didn’t happen before, and a massage in the afternoon. This lady is AMAZING. I only get massage when my body is completely whacked, and she fixed a 2-year-old problem in one session. I sing her praises!!

Now, I wish you adieu, as it is time to mash and bake the bananas…..


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