Gone Bananas!!

I have blogged about my bananas, but today I finally completed the process of using them…sort of. So, outside of my bedroom window was this huge bunch of little bananas. The jury is out if they are apple bananas or not. I guess lots of people call some of the local bananas by the wrong name. Whatever type they were, there were about 5 hands (rows) of bananas. I cut the bunch off, and it oozed this crazy sticky stuff. When that gets on fabric, it ruins it, just for the record. The rags I used and washed now have hard, dark, brown spots on them.

I hung them on my lanai, and they stayed green for what seemed forever. After probably a couple weeks, one of the bananas started to turn yellow, and within a couple of days, they were all yellow. Night before last, I made banana, strawberry, walnut muffins (gluten-free, of course). I still had about 40 little bananas this morning on the counter. And then, the obvious came to me. I have a freaking food dehydrator! Banana chips are one of the yummiest things EVER, and turns out bananas are uber easy to dehydrate. So, I cut them up, put them on some trays, and about 10 hours later, I have what taste like candy. Those little things are so sweet! Below, I show the whole process.

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