Going Downhill Slow

Ever ridden a bike and went as fast as possible downhill to see how far you could make it up the next hill without trying? Ever had someone or something get in front of you so that they slow you down and you have no momentum left? Or have you been out of gas, so you let your car coast downhill in neutral, praying the momentum will carry you over that next hump, only to have someone pull out in front of you and make you slow down?

That was my day. Rather, it’s been my experience for quite some time. I gather up momentum on something, and feel I reach a point where I could really make some positive change, but the critical person/people in the implementation don’t keep the momentum going. It’s gotten so bad, that all the bikes/cars/things that go zoom are collecting in the valley, and there is just too much to push through, and certainly too much to push uphill.

At what point do you leave it all behind? At what point is it no longer worth it?


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