Queene Anne and Asia-Pacific

The conference is over, and I am on to the next phase of my trip. I am in a stranger’s apartment in the Queen Anne area of Seattle.  My beau and I found this place on airbnb.com, where you can rent condos, apartments, houses, etc. Everything you need is there, since it’s someone’s home.  We have an amazing view of Seattle, and are in a primo area.

The owner is soooo cool. He doesn’t seem very old, yet he retired about 5 years ago. He says he was frugal and got paid too much, which makes me think he did something with computers. He traveled all over Pacific Asia backpacking. I want to do that!!

Living out in the Pacific, having to get rid of lots of my stuff, and feeling more free than before makes me want to explore the world. I want to free myself of even more possessions and set out on an adventure. I wish I didn’t have student loans to pay off. Wish 5.5 years to go until my daughter gets out of school, I think I can be frugal enough to save money and pay off my loans. If I make good money, but don’t spend a lot, maybe there is the possibility of having that freedom and enjoying the world first-hand.


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