Brightening Life One Gumball At a Time

Seattle is so full of character. Nick and I have been walking all around Seattle for the past couple of days, and I have noticed that there are little colorful and quirky surprises everywhere. It seems to me that, since it’s so gray here for such a large portion of the year and people aren’t going to be looking at the sky, people have left colorful little surprises all over the city. In most cities, you only find these sorts of things in very touristy neighborhoods.

Yesterday, I  noticed that nice wooden benches had been built into a building along a steep street. No bus line went through there. They were just there. We walked across a corner strewn with beautiful little pink blooms freshly fallen from the trees, and there was what looked like a broken picture frame, as if the pieces had just separated. It *was* a broken picture, but it had been somehow glued to the sidewalk so as to become a permanent little thing that makes you go “hmmm”.

Bubble gum walls, little people lights in random places, a leafless metal tree that looks real at first, large metal “flowers” lining the wall of what would otherwise be an eyesore, a corner turned into a park of sorts, complete with a wooden deck, metal chairs and tables, and colorful night lights. I should be capturing these things via camera, but it’s been raining the whole time here, so I don’t want to get my camera wet. It doesn’t look like today will be much better.


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