All Over the Place

Still behind from Seattle. Had an awesome time there, despite the rain and wind.

Nick took me to all kinds of new places. Just goes to show you that even though you may have visited a place several times, it takes different people to show you all the magic of a city. The last couple of days, Nick and I went to several fun places in the Queen Anne and Belltown areas, and a little on Capital Hill as well.

Our last day, the sun peeked out, so we rented a car and headed up to Snoqualmie Falls, then back up north to Bastyr University, and then on the way back, Nick took me to the Locks. I never even knew they were there! It was hard saying goodbye again. Three months was a long time, and 5 days not nearly long enough to make up for it. Certainly, it was better than nothing. At least I have end of May to look forward to, which is less time away from each other than this last time. I am just trying to plan out these next 6 months, because they will go by extremely quickly.

Been trying to get caught up and focused since I got back Sunday. It’s hard to keep my personal life, which includes Keely’s endeavors and challenges, balanced with work. It’s harder now than before because we don’t have clear guidance in our residency, so it is hard to know where to put the bulk of our efforts.

Personally, I haven’t run in nearly 10 days, and it already shows. I just don’t feel or look the same. Part of me wants to train for a marathon again. I have just enough time before the Maui Marathon. The other half of me wants to just concentrate on yoga and dance, maybe even get a yoga teacher certification. So, I took a yoga class tonight. It was Anusara style, which is new to me. The teacher was amazingly gifted, and I feel I could learn a lot from her.

So much to do and take in. Feeling somewhat scattered, in case it wasn’t blatantly evident in my writing.

Better to take it one day at a time.


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