Education Nation?

This is a photo of George W. Bush and Kimberly...

W and Kimberly Oliver, 2006 Teacher of the Year ...yes, there is irony in this picture

Many of my recent experiences in local and national conferences has me thinking about our education, and how it does NOT prepare students to take on all the challenges and initiatives put forth for our future generations. A HUGE problem is the fact that the most successful students are identified and facilitated by parents who are proactive and/or teachers or others in the community who see promise and help push a student through the system and into more opportune environments. Those parents/teachers/others were probably identified by their parents and/or one of  a small number of special teachers. That means the majority of students go unmentored, unfostered, and LEFT BEHIND.

There is also a societal problem, much of it I feel caused by the very technology that allows me to blog about this to whomever decides to click on the link and spend the time to read and reflect. I spoke with an educator today about students and how they just want to make money, but when they see the time involved in becoming a physician or pharmacist, they turn away. What students don’t realize is that those professions make more money because they either take more risks with their own lives (eg. flight nurses), or they handle your life in more and more risky situations (eg. family physician vs anesthesiologist, who gets paid BANK). It has become more about immediate gratification and the destination more than the journey, and that is sad.

I was turned on to this article about the future potential of increasing the quality of teachers now on the entire country.

Higher Teacher Quality Would Catapult U.S. Toward Economic Growth: Analysis examines direct link between teacher effectiveness and lifetime earnings

People waste money on disjointed and scattered programs instead of on QUALITY. Check out this article and think about how by raising the bar just a bit, the overall effect on our INTERNATIONAL educational ranking, and our subsequent financial stability as a nation, is huge.


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