Less IS More

Some random thoughts about what’s REALLY important.

  • comparing an Anusara style yoga class taken recently to a Bikram class, I realize how much the all-inclusiveness of Anusara speaks more to me and makes me feel more at ease. My old hot yoga/Vinyasa flow classes also gave me more peace at mind. The workout you get with Bikram is great, but I don’t feel as well-rounded emotionally and spiritually afterward.
  • I saw a video on YouTube about a woman in New York living in a 90-sq-ft apartment, and loving it. She has made it quite livable. I used to live in the same size or smaller when I was in San Francisco, and you get used to it. You learn to organize things so that stuff isn’t lying out everywhere. I think that is one reason I am a compulsive organizer now, even with plenty of space. I moved to Boston in my 2-door, 3-cylinder Geo Metro, and all my belongings fit in that car. I am coming back to that bit by bit, getting rid of excess and only buying what I need.
  • After going to the Hawaii State Rural Health Association meeting yesterday and talking about retention in rural areas, and then interviewing a candidate for residency who is from Hawaii, FIT becomes an even bigger issue. Maybe the applicant hasn’t DONE as much as others, but they already have a one-up on us haoles (foreigners), since they can speak to the locals in their own “language”. They are also dedicated to their community, because they usually plan on staying.
  • I find it amazing that society puts so much importance on surface things. We are so intent on immediate gratification and the sense of Having NOW, that we no longer live in the NOW. We are always thinking about the next thing. Being in the moment is sacred and something to strive for in our daily lives.

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