Not As Planned

This evening did NOT go as planned.

I first figured I would try a lyrical dance class, which is followed by a salsa class, at a yoga studio new to me. Well, it turned out I was going to miss the first class, so I decided I would go for a run, clean up, then take Keely with me to the salsa class. I figured she could watch, or maybe go shop at Rainbow Attic. Well, when we got there the studio was closed. I guess there was no lyrical dance class tonight. Finally, a guy with LONG black dreads walked up to the door and unlocked it. I figured he must be the salsa instructor. I asked Keely if she wanted to take the class with me, and off we went.

Keely had a really hard time getting even very basic steps at first, and when I would normally be frustrated, I was excited to be giving my daughter an unexpected gift. She REALLY needed some instruction. None of it was new to me, but all of it was to her. In just under two hours, she learned the basics, then cumbia, some turns, and some partnering. It was fun to watch her go from being very self-conscious and worried about messing up to being lost in the immediate task of picking up the movement and rhythm. I wouldn’t say she was lost in the moment. She hasn’t reached that comfort level. Oh, how wonderful it would be to see her reach that point!

This evening did not go as planned, and I am GLAD!


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