I went to see Ulalena last night in Lahaina, and it was amazing. I hadn’t been to a show in so long, probably not since December of 2009 in Las Vegas. It is a fantastic production about Hawaii’s history, with great use of props and lights and sound. The dancers were authentic, all of them I think of a descent considered local (Hawaiian, Portuguese, Philippino, Chinese, Japanese). There were aerialists, and that really made me want to move like a dancer again. I think I could do it, not like before, but maybe that’s better. Maybe I can be more authentic now, more grounded. More about those thoughts later.

Just to accentuate how small the island is, one of the main dancers is the daughter of my ex-landlord, who employs my friend J that watched my daughter when I was out of town. J’s wife is director of the facility Ulalena is performed in. Crazy little circle of life! This girl is such a beautiful dancer, and her hula is amazing! I made sure to go up and say Hi after the show. I am, after all, living in the house she grew up in.

Now, off to work. Gotta make a living. That reminds me of another funny little “small island” tidbit. One of the male dancers in the show was my flight attendant on my recent trip on Hawaiian Air from Seattle to Kahului.


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