The View Is Great From Here

Long week, and only more to go. Positives for today:

  • I managed to make my flight arrangements for Western States, PLUS
  • I managed to make it to my group run, so finally ran after almost 3 weeks of nothing but some sporadic yoga
  • When I came home, my roommate had a coworker (Amos) from Argentina up on the roof. I hadn’t been up on our roof yet, so I ventured up. It’s so beautiful up there, and so spacious! It’s amazing to find out something special about your house after living there for several months. If only I had known before!
  • I got to chat with my roomie a bit, which is always a good thing. It makes me wonder what I talked about and what my priorities were when I was 23 and 24.
  •  My daughter is now friends with the girl that used to make her mad, and they actually went jogging together after swimming! Yeah! Here’s hoping this is regular, which means keep my nose out so Keely enjoys it as an escape. **fingers crossed**

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