Dreaming of a distant land

When I was younger, I set two life goals for myself:

  1. Become a professional ballerina
  2. Earn a terminal degree

Well, I screwed up the first one and quit ballet right when I might have been able to make it my life. I didn’t know how to survive financially. I vowed not to let myself down on the second goal, so I earned my terminal degree. I considered Ph.D. and M.D., and here I am with a Pharm.D.

So, now what? What is my lofty goal now? What can I truly commit to that will change my life forever? What passions can I explore?


Since moving out to the most secluded islands on the planet, halfway to Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and more, I want to travel. I have met several people recently who have taken year+-long backpacking trips, and I have the bug. I have 5.5 years until my daughter graduates high school. I feel that is enough time to pay down my debt, plan ahead, and hopefully save up for the trip.

I am looking for sites to help me plan. Any suggestions?

I have found these:







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