Rolling with it

Batis maritima (aerial view). Location: Maui, ...

Aerial view of Kealia Pond, Maui, Hawaii

Mother’s Day….does it really mean anything? I am not one to really feel that I have to celebrate my birthday ON that particular day. Besides, all week is better. I also don’t feel Valentine’s Day is important, as people should do that all year long. I also don’t celebrate Easter, for many reasons. BUT, I feel it is the one day a year where moms are recognized where they tend not to be. So, when my daughter didn’t say Happy Mother’s Day to me and didn’t want to spend time with me today, I did take offense to it at first. I am learning, though, to roll with her moods. Usually, I would just go without her and let her brood. No reason to bring us both down by forcing her. Today, though, I made her come. I didn’t know where I was going, but I passed up a free surf lesson to hang out with her!

We ended up near Kealia Pond, the complaining started….and continued…. and so I turned around and walked the other way when she stormed off. I watched the birds in blissful silence, and Keely walked along the beach I think. When we finally reconvened about 20 minutes later, she had calmed down, and we were able to talk in a civil fashion. We ended up having  a nice dinner at WokStar, my FAVE place on Maui. I ate heartily without guilt, since I had ridden 50 miles this morning (first time on my bike since March 20th!). She sang for me on the way home, and I think the day is going to end off nice.


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