I like mine bleeding, thank you

I don’t normally blog about food, but not feeling very up today, and my dinner was pretty spectacular. I decided I want more meat in my diet, so I whipped out some pre-frozen hamburger patties. These are from local, grass-fed cows though. I sliced some Okinawan sweet potatoes and a regular yam somewhat thin, stuck them on the pizza stone, and baked them at 400 degrees.  Meanwhile, I made my yummy brussels sprouts, pan seared with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, and then topped with cheese at the end. I seared the meat really well, and when I thought the patties were done, I cut into them….and there was so much juice I couldn’t see the middle! They literally burst open. Now, that’s some good pan searing. Turns out I had to cook them a tad more, but they were so good! And to add to it all, the Okinawan sweet potatoes looked like purple flowers. (I took pictures with my phone, but something happened with the files)


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