I think I had the longest day of my life yesterday, but not in a bad way. My day started off in San Jose, where I was staying with my friend Drew. He had to go off to work, so I packed up my stuff and said adieu, then headed for Monterey. I figured I could get to Asilomar by noon, check in and then go for a run or something. Turns out they weren’t starting check in until 3pm. Well, finding something to do for 3 hours in Monterey is not easy. I made it to downtown Pacific Grove, which was like a ghost town, so I headed to Monterey and Cannery Row.  Way too many tourists, and finding parking was a bear, but I found a place called the Fish Hopper that had amazing views of the water. I spotted two gulls doing “something”, a seal, and a kayaker while having lunch there. Back at Asilomar, it still wasn’t time to check in, so I walked along the beach. I had forgotten how cool all the weird seaweeds are! In Hawaii, it’s too warm for all of those things to grow, but not so here. Here, it’s cold! (relatively speaking). None of my seaweed pictures do them justice as far as size goes.

I found Sheena, and we checked in. Our room is tiny, with two tiny twin beds. I can’t remember the last time I slept on a twin bed!! Everything is wood, the sink is out in the middle of the room, and the windows open right up, no screens. It truly feels like we are at camp. The food is pretty good, though, and it’s REALLY nice not to have to pay for all of my meals.

I went for a run, which was actually at a really good pace for me, then showered and hit the dinner hall. I ended up hanging out with a lot of U of A people, thanks to Sheena. Great people, and lots of fun. After dinner, they had a social gathering with free desserts and wine. I had the largest chocolate -covered strawberry EVER! Wow! Had some really great conversations with people last night, then hit the hay around 11:30. I don’t present until 5pm today, so I am going to chillax, go for a run, then clean up and practice my presentation. Then, I am DONE!!!

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