Head Butting Or Courting?

From my computer here in my room, I can see the rooftop of my neighbors, and I often see doves engaged in their mating rituals. I actually first learned about the bowing when I kept hearing the cooing of doves, and saw what I presume is the male following after the other, bowing repeatedly. Interestingly, the cooing coincided with each bow. Guess he wasn’t wooing her so much, as I heard no cooing from her, and she never faced him.

Just now, I heard what I thought was scratching, but then realized there were two doves engaged in what seemed at first like a fight, and then like an odd dance. They would jump up and hit each other with their wings, almost like head butting, over and over and over. There was never a vicious round of strikes, but rather one, pause, another, pause, etc. I couldn’t tell if it was a turf war or mating ritual. After about five minutes or so of that, they both stopped, walked to distant edges of the roof’s ledge, and peered out. It was as if nothing had happened, or perhaps like a lovers’ quarrel, when each goes stone cold, and neither will be the first to apologize.

Just another example of why we can’t judge a situation from the outside looking in. All perspective is relative.


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