Got My Fix

I feel like I have been making up for lost time in the social arena lately. Laura invited me to Wailuku First Friday, which I had never been to. It’s a great time, and it was easy to make it, as I am working just a block away! Lots of local families, culture, music, arts and goods, and FUN. Several of us met at the Main Street Bistro, which has really good food, but stay away from the martinis.

Saturday after my bike ride, I went to check out the first of the Maui Race Series (windsurfing). I had never seen windsurfing up close and personal, and definitely not at that pace. My friend Peter Slate won both of his divisions that day. I walked up right as he stole first place in the first of 4 heats of the afternoon. It was a great move, and a great start to my racing experience!

Peter Slate leads Dan Ellis on Saturday during the Maui Race Series season opener at Kanaha Beach Park. Slate won the pro and men’s 40-49 division, while Ellis won the men’s 19-39 division. (from Maui News 6-4-11)

I was fortunate to be invited to a dinner party afterward. What a great group of people! Usually, when you happen on a group of people that have known each other for so long and have experienced so much together, you tend to feel left out. Not so with me. They were quite welcoming. The wine and laughter poured freely for all.

Today, after the bike ride, most of us met at Peter’s place for swimming, coffee and eats. Yet another chance to meet people from so many unique backgrounds and share stories, except this time of cycling vs windsurfing.

I came home and immediately met with a gal from New York who had requested to stay with me through She is already my second hostee, my first being from Vienna, Austria last week. Great gal. We went and had dinner together and tomorrow she gets certified to dive!

While I love meeting new people and all the fun and smiles that go with it, it’s really good to grab some quiet time at home and focus in on what I need to do this week. I think I got my social butterfly fix for the time being.


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